The M1 Action Design community is a gathering of Stunt Professionals, Fight Choreographers, and forward thinking actors, with the common goal of rapidly developing, learning and training in Martial Arts and Action Design for film. The demand on performers is growing, and M1 is answering the call.

A fight coordinator / choreographer is responsible for creating amazing, creative looking action on a film set. However, she/he is only as good as his performers, and the skill set they bring with them.

We believe it is a performers job to attain as much knowledge in every area of performing. Not just in the Martial Arts, but film fighting, wire work, driving, fire burns, high falls, gun play…etc. Speciality Action Design is what we focus on. 

Training with M1 guarantees you the fastest progression you will receive from any school. Our curriculum far surpasses those of regular martial arts schools, because it has to. We have created  our curriculum out of necessity.

The M1 curriculum is partly based on the Inosanto / Balicki Method, as well as the Shamrock MMA system. Learned and trained from, Dan Inosanto, Ron Balicki, Diana Lee Inosanto, Frank Shamrock, Dan Rizzuto. 

Other courses offered at M1 are, pre-viz video editing, script breakdown; for budgeting, firearm safety, and wirework.