Nickolas Baric

Nickolas is an ‘all-round’ athlete who has been in and around all forms of fitness since he was 15 years old. It was the All Star Wrestler “Moose Morowski” who set him on his path and taught him the importance of physical fitness in his life and trained him with power lifting at his home gym every second day for three years. Being a fan of action movies throughout his young years, Nickolas quickly realized that he needed to start training in the martial arts if he wanted his dream of becoming a stuntman a reality. This is where, later in his life, he would come to meet Bruce Fontaine, who introduced him to the world of Wushu Kung-Fu. From that time forward, the wheels were set in motion and the quest for knowledge continues to grow, year after year, training with a good variety of martial arts styles and fantastic instructors.

- 20 year veteran in film and television as stuntman, actor and motion capture performer
- Started out in 1997 with 3 Years of Wushu Kung-Fu - Bruce Fontaine
- 2 Years Gung Fu and Kickboxing - Kirk Jaques
- 3 years (current) JKD, KALI and FMA - Gary Herman
- 8 months (current) JKD, FMA, KALI, JiuJitsu, Silat – Dan Rizzuto


- 2017 M.A.R.S. Camp: Ron Balicki, Troy miller, Don McGuire, Nicolas Saignac, Dan Rizzuto, Roger Luri, Lynn Thompson

o Dan Rizzuto
o Ron Balicki and Diana Inosanto
o Mark Mikita
o Daniel Lonero
o Colin Danes: Throws takedowns and landings o Hugh Fitzgerald: Jiu Jitsu (armbars)

  • Competitive endurance athletics:
    o 8 Years Crossfit athlete – Competitor for Team Vancouver at 2009 Crossfit Games o 5 Peaks Mountain Trail Running Series competitor
    o Sprint Triathlon competitor
    o Adventure Racing

  • Mountain Climbing: Summited Mt Rainier in 2011

    Nickolas is a ‘details matter’ kind of athlete, he will take the time to understand all the elements of any learned movement. This helps retain good body mechanics and muscle memory and helps in the teaching of others who may have difficulty with the movements. “When we understand the purpose behind every move, the instincts will stay longer within us”.

    He trains in a wide variety of styles of the Martial arts, to stay on top of the evolution of action in the film and tv industry. Adaptability to the changing styles of fighting is important in film. Training with a multitude of instructors also allow him to learn all types of teaching styles as well, which is important when training actors and other fellow stunt crew.

    “Never stop learning, growing and adapting” are the words Nickolas lives by. “Always work hard and everything you seek will come to you at the perfect time...”

As one of my childhood idols has said, ”You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets”